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President's Welcome

When I was looking to join a business fraternity at Penn State, I was seeking an organization that offered me a few new attributes. First, I wanted to meet new friends and connections at Penn State. Additionally, philanthropy was a huge interest of mine in high school, so I wanted to get involved in an organization that gave me chances to benefit charitable organizations, especially THON. Phi Chi Theta covered that desire completely. Finally, I was looking to take the skills I already had and evolve them so they would be useful in a professional setting. PCT gave me that opportunity, and more. Looking back, joining PCT was the greatest decision I made at Penn State. If you are interested in joining an organization full of amazing people who are looking to grow professionally while benefiting THON, PCT is absolutely the place for you. 


Our 125+ members are constantly developing with the help of our many leaders. The team effort of the Executive Board, Board of Directors, Chairs, and general members works perfectly to keep our organization as enjoyable and efficient as possible. The combination of events such as mock interviews, THON, and social events, like our Brotherhood retreat, show how versatile PCT is as a business fraternity. If you think you might have interest in our organization I strongly encourage you to rush PCT. If you have any questions, reach out to any of our leadership members or visit our FAQ page. We hope to see you soon!


Eva Patt
President - Alpha Iota

Class of 2025

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