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Leadership Teams

Alumni Relations
Director: Megan Grube
Chairs: Kaitlyn Bailo,
Pete Zimmerman
Director: Maura Dougherty
Chairs: Andrew Delsignore,
Hannah Neurohr,

Lindsey Schwarzbach,
Elle Herritt
Professional Development
Director: Brian Jamer
Chairs: Marc LaProcido,
Drew Curtis,
Brian Komaromy
Director: Mary Haddad
Chairs: Elise Simpson,
Dylan Crutchfield,
Sophia Sponaugle
Family Relations
Director: Matt McGlone
Chairs: Jerry Gray,
Brian Burns,
Marlee Loose
Director: Dan Tate
Chairs: Sonny Petricca,
Pat Burns
Director: Luke Shugert
Chairs: Emily Lutschaunig,
Wyatt Pease,
Carly Luksic
Director: Grace Berger
Chairs: Eva Patt,
Evan Heath,
Nora Batchelor
Director: Kevin Schuyler
Chairs: Jack Meyer,
Michael Corrigan,
Frank Yocum,
Brendan Henry
Special Events
Director: Lila McCulley
Chairs: Abbey McCormick,
Logan Mahon, Ally Santia,
Aubrey Maher
Director: Tess Stawski
Chairs: Hayden Rhoades,
Will Wrzesniewski,
Sarah Drakas
IM Sports
Jerry Gray,
Anthony Ross

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